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S’esch Güat* (It’s good)



Bibeleskäs, Flammenkueche, Bredala, Waedele: so many odd words for Alsace’s gourmet culture!

Traditional Alsatian dishes are of course on the menu, but there’s also the fine cuisine of Michelin-starred restaurants and the creative talents of young chefs. Dynamic wines and assertive craft beers, whether with a meal or on their own, complete the tasting experience and delight the taste buds.


Specialities and winstubs, Michelin-starred restaurants, farmhouse inns

There’s no accounting for taste in Alsace!

Regional specialities are served up in Alsace’s winstubs, the ancestors of today’s wine bars. As for the farmhouse inns of the Vosges Mountains and the Peak Road, the menus feature the local products of our land and mountains. And at Michelin-starred restaurants, the chefs of Alsace skilfully plate up dishes with a passion for quality and a respect for local traditions. The cuisine of Alsace is also the star of the show at cooking classes and gourmet visits (cheese, jam, and even pretzels).


Winery visits, experiences

Alsace rocks*

The geological diversity of Alsace provides an array of flavours to the 7 grape varieties traditionally grown in the region. The winegrowers, winemakers, and cooperative wineries that harness this unique land take great pleasure in sharing a taste of their wines during a winery tour. These visits often also include wine tourism experiences to learn more about winegrowing and to get a feel for working the vines.


Brewery tours, experiences

Alsace is home to 96% of France’s production of hops, and more than 50% of the country’s beer is brewed in the region. It truly is a land of beer! Brewery tours and hoppy experiences: it’s hard to choose from the region’s countless breweries, but no matter where you go, thirsts are sure to be quenched with quality brews.


Distillery tours

Schnapsidee: noun. A far-fetched idea that often arises after excessive consumption of Alsatian brandy during a tour of one of the region’s many distilleries. Made from fruit, berries, vegetables, or other plants, eaux-de-vie or “schnapps” help digest Alsace’s many specialties and are also used in the recipes of local dishes and pastries.

crédits photos : B. SALMANSKI, N. BRONNER, La Maison des Têtes,F. Morin, K. IGA
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