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Discover the Unterlinden Museum
as a group

A visit to Alsace usually means a visit to Colmar, a city of culture that stands out in particular thanks to its flagship museum: the Unterlinden museum

The museum

The Unterlinden Museum exhibits a rich collection with more than 3,500 works covering 7,000 years of history and gathers different art techniques such as painting, sculpting or engraving. When it was opened in 1853 by the Schongauer company, the museum only extended to the former convent of the Dominican nuns of Unterlinden. As the various collections kept constantly growing, the museum was eventually extended to the municipal baths to provide enough space to the collected works of art.

The exhibited collections:

  • Archaeology

  • Art from the 11th to the 16th centuries

  • Decorative art – folk art and traditions
  • Modern and contemporary art

Zoom in on the unmissable Isenheim altarpiece

This altarpiece, one of the most famous in the world, is the flagship work of the Unterlinden Museum. Painted by Grünewald during the 16th century for the Alsatian village of Isenheim from which it got its name, this polyptych is a masterpiece shaking up, among others, greatest names such as Picasso or Matisse.

Good news, the Isenheim altarpiece is as good as new! The polyptych went through a meticulous restoration between 2018 and 2022 to give it back the harmony and the brilliance it had lost over the last five centuries.

Visiting the Unterlinden Museum…

…independently, for a self-guided tour with the help of an audio guide or a museum map.

…or guided, for a led tour to discover all the secrets of the museum: “The Masterpieces” to enjoy the main works of the museum, “The essentials” for a simple and efficient overview. Different thematic guided tours allow a visit according to individual tastes.

Private events

The Unterlinden Museum is also available for:
  • Tailor-made events
  • Seminars
  • Private visits
Fully equipped to welcome conferences, festive evenings, dinners… the museum is available to support the organisation of events in the unique setting of the Unterlinden Museum.

2024 news

Temporary exhibition: Couleur, Gloire et Beauté

May 4 – September 23, 2024: This 3-part exhibition highlights German painting from 1370 to 1550.

“Think and create with the Isenheim Altarpiece”

crédits photos : L. MORENO, L. SAAD, D. LEVÊQUE

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