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Fun & family activities
Museums, workshops, and more: in Alsace, there’s always something to do!

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  in Alsace

Alsace is a family destination.

Build a miniature half-timbered house and observe real timber framing, participate in a wattle and daub workshop, or even bake cakes. These are just some of the activities on offer with our museums, interpretive centres, and local artisans. Experiencing local crafts hands-on is a great and fun way to spark curiosity in kids!


Interactive museums, immersive workshops

In Alsace, heritage is a first-hand experience. Whether with fun science experiments or archaeological digs, there are plenty of ways to have fun and learn by doing. More than 150 museums welcome visitors to share the history of Alsace and discover unique collections!

Museums about chocolate, jam, voodoo, luggage, or locomotives: endless treasures for all kinds of enthusiasts! The workshops on offer change with the seasons: making bredalas or chocolate, cooking classes, stained glass, and more.

Theme parks, fun outings

Feet on the ground, head in the stars

“All grown-ups were once children.” From atop asteroid B612, the Little Prince welcomes all ages to his theme park to experience the universe created by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Just nearby, the Alsace Ecomuseum and its 80 Alsatian buildings immerse visitors in the local heritage at the largest open-air museum in France.

Looking for a way to encourage kids to explore our magnificent cities and villages? All year round, Alsace’s Tourist Offices offer fun walks for little explorers: a booklet, a pencil, and they’re off for a stroll through the streets in search of clues!

Wildlife parks

Meet animals from here and around the world

As far as animals go, Alsace is mostly known for its storks. The protected birds were reintroduced in the region and can now be seen everywhere, perched on the roofs of houses and monuments. Alsace is also home to the European hamster, also known as the Alsatian hamster, and the Naturoparc wildlife centre has a special protection programme for the rodent.

The preservation of species is also the mission of Mulhouse’s Zoo and Botanical Park, which has nearly 130 species in a lovely 25-hectare setting with 3,000 varieties of trees and plants. On the way to Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, children can discover the eagles and other birds of prey at Kintzheim Castle. A few kilometres away, the macaques swing from tree to tree at the Montagne des Singes monkey park. Little ones can get up close with the primates on a special itinerary and a treasure hunt.

Adventure parks

Did you say monkey?

How about climbing a few trees? Our 8 adventure parks in exceptional natural landscapes offer a breath of fresh air while criss-crossing the forest on nets, zip lines, and more.

Looking to climb higher? The Chemin des Cimes is a treetop walk near the summits in the heart of the Northern Vosges Mountains. Alsace as a family is about discoveries, games, and encounters: it truly does you good!

crédits photos :  Yvon MEYER – CCAB – ADT, N. Bronner – ADT, A. Meyer-Freund – SHKT – ADT, OTC Mulhouse et sa région – ADT, Sylvie Petit Photography-ADT-AE, T. Devard – MDV, Tricky Track

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