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Discover the alsatian Know-How and its
technical and industrial heritage

Alsace is not only about beautiful villages, vineyards and gastronomy. Thanks to its past, Alsace also has a rich industrial and technical heritage

What is on our plates, in our glasses? What were or are the factors of economic development in our region? Go behind the scenes of the production of Alsatian products and discover the local sources of energy so that the technical and industrial heritage has no more secrets…


Breweries, distilleries, delicacies factories… a multitude of local products to be tasted but whose manufacturing process is often unknown. However, it is possible to visit their production sites in order to discover the creation of these Alsatian delights. Among the main breweries to visit are the Villa Meteor and the Brasserie Perle in Strasbourg, but the complete list of Alsace breweries can be found here:

A visit to a chocolate factory, a pretzel factory or a gingerbread factory also allows you to see the production process from the raw material to the finished product, ready to be tasted. Combine a visit with a tasting session to mix greed with new knowledge!

Industry of Alsace

Alsace also has a fine industrial past. When the name Mulhouse is mentioned, the word “textile” quickly comes to mind. In fact, this city is the centre of Alsace’s textile history. Several museums retrace this history, some of them with demonstrations: it’s enough to make you feel like you’re back in the 19th century! Alsace also has a mining past with mines of all kinds. Discovering the underground tunnels in which potash, pyromorphite and other coveted resources were mined is the best way to understand the working environment of former miners.

Economic development

For economic and energy needs, Alsace has also developed hydroelectric power stations which meet more than half of the electricity consumption of its territory. Most of the various installations along the Rhine are accessible for free or guided visits.

All industrial and technical heritage sites can be found at the following link:

crédits photos :, F. VOILEAU, N. BRONNER, L. PHILIPPOT

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