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Cookies policy


Please be aware that, when you visit our website or use our mobile application, cookies may be installed on your equipment (desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone).
This policy has been written to provide you with key information about how we use these cookies and what we aim to achieve by using them, and to ensure you understand your rights in this area.


A cookie is a small text file placed and/or read on your device when you browse a website or use a mobile application, and then used by the website or application to send information to the browser.
Throughout its lifespan, a cookie enables its issuer to recognise your terminal each time you access content containing cookies sent by the same entity.
The information within a cookie can only be read or modified by the entity which sent it.


The cookies that we use can be grouped into three categories:

  • essential or technical cookies,
  • audience measurement cookies,
  • advertising cookies

1. Essential or technical cookies

Essential or technical cookies are cookies which exist only to enable or facilitate electronic communications, or those which are strictly necessary to provide an online communication service which has been specifically requested by the user.
Some of the ways we use these cookies are to:
  • remember choices users have made about the placing of tracers,
  • enable users to authenticate with a service,
  • adapt the presentation of the website to the terminal’s display preferences,
  • memorise information about the content of a shopping basket, or forms that the user has completed on the website,
  • give users access to their accounts.

2. Audience measurement cookies

We use audience measurement cookies to obtain information about how a user browses the website or application (for example: to measure performance, detect navigation problems, optimise technical performance or usability, estimate the processing power required by a server, analyse the content browsed, etc.).

3. Advertising cookies

Cookies known as advertising cookies are related to targeted advertising, i.e. observing a user’s browsing habits to create a specific profile and show the user adverts that are relevant to them.


Our website or mobile application may also include third-party cookies.
Although we encourage third-party services to manage these cookies appropriately, we cannot be held liable for this.


We comply with the requirements set out by CNIL (the French data protection agency) as regards the retention period for data.
Technical or essential cookies are stored for the period of time required to supply the service and operate it correctly.
Audience measurement cookies have a maximum lifespan of 13 months. Cookies collected via tracers are stored for a maximum of 25 months.
The other cookies are stored for a reasonable period as appropriate to the purposes for which they are used. User consent lapses automatically after a maximum of 13 months.


Under the guidelines issued by the CNIL, it is necessary to distinguish between cookies for which prior consent is required and those to which exemptions apply.
Your prior consent is required for advertising cookies.
Exemptions apply to technical and audience measurement cookies.
In the case of audience measurement cookies which process personal data, you have the right to object to this data being processed.
We use a Consent Management Platform (CMP) to collect consent and manage objections to the processing of data.
This tool provides you with an easy way to activate and deactivate cookies, with the exception of technical cookies which are and will always be necessary to the smooth running of our services.


If you have any questions, please contact our data protection officer (see the data protection policy).
For more general information about the protection of your personal data, please refer to the CNIL website at:


We reserve the right to amend this policy should data protection legislation or the CNIL’s recommendations change. You will be notified of any new policy before it comes into force.

Cookies Policy update: 1 December 2022
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