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SLOW TOURISM & well-being

Sylvothérapie © Vincent Muller


The wide-open spaces, forests, and lakes of Alsace are an invitation for rejuvenation. Alsace’s hosts, restaurateurs, and winegrowers come together to offer all types of visitors a well-being break. Self-care. Diving into a spa and losing track of time. Savouring a yoga or Qi Gong session in the vineyards before sampling a riesling. Walking barefoot through the forest and enjoying a soundful massage.

Alsace takes care of its visitors


Caring for yourself

Many of Alsace’s hotels include spas, providing guests with an unforgettable moment of relaxation. Steam baths, saunas, jacuzzis, hammams, massages, and more. The joy of unwinding in Alsace, relaxation guaranteed!

Parks & Gardens

Going green

Ephemeral or botanical gardens, rose gardens, or vibrant flower beds, Alsace’s remarkable parks and gardens are open all year round! In summer, hundred-year-old trees provide a shady place to cool off. In winter, the enchanting landscapes are decorated in the run-up to Christmas. Flowers, trees, greenhouses, and ponds: the gardens are perfect spots for a fun outing or a romantic break! The must-sees are of course Wesserling Park and the Mulhouse Zoo and Botanical Park.

Barefoot trails

On tiptoe…

A walk on a barefoot trail means reconnecting with nature and experiencing unknown sensations. Discovering a trail is always a delightful and fun experience. Walkers take off their shoes and set out, one foot in front of the other, feeling their way along.

Lakes, waterfalls & natural areas

A breath of fresh air

Gazing at a calm lake or enjoying a cool waterfall along a hike. Getting lost in the exceptional forest of Haguenau, or climbing to the summits of the two regional nature parks, the Northern Vosges and the Ballons des Vosges, the natural areas of Alsace boast extraordinary and timeless experiences.

Guided activities

Let yourself be guided

Guides are available to accompany visitors on a wide range of activities, for a relaxing holiday without a hitch. Fasting and meditation stays, shamanic breaks, foraging, or even observing chamois at sunrise. Alsace’s tourism professionals come together to provide tranquil and unique experiences!

crédits photos : Vincent Muller, JEROME MONDIERE, Yvan Moreau, Philippe de Rexel, B. Salmanski, Station du lac blanc, Parc Aventures Lac Blanc

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