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Les Étoiles Terrestres
exceptional glass-making sites

Les Étoiles Terrestres, a constellation formed by three exceptional glass-making sites, invite you to discover their industrial and artistic heritage…

To contact the Lalique Museum

Lalique Museum, Winger-sur-Moder

Lalique, the prestigious name that makes French luxury resound throughout the world, has its only factory in Wingen-sur-Moder, in Alsace. In the same village, the Lalique Museum traces the history and know-how of this company launched by its creator of the same name. There is a collection of 650 works created by René Lalique and his successors: jewelry, perfume bottles, chandeliers, vases … everyday objects transformed into works of art under the hands of talented craftsmen Lalique. The museum also offers every year during the summer a temporary exhibition related to Lalique art.

The Museum is able to welcome school groups, professionals, and disabled people by offering different guided tours. Various workshops are also offered to enhance your events that can appeal to the creative spirit of visitors! For your meetings and seminars, the auditorium and the educational and cultural spaces are available for the organization of your events in the unique setting of the Lalique Museum, which also has an on-site restaurant.

Glass site, Meisenthal

The Meisenthal glass site was renowned for creating objects of everyday necessity: bottles, jars, glasses… With the improvement of transportation methods, the glass site distributed its objects throughout the world. The Meisenthal glass site is also at the origin of a tradition shared by several cultures: in 1858, because of a great drought, a glassmaker from Goetzenbruck, a neighboring village of Meisenthal, had the idea of blowing glass in the shape of balls to replace the fruits that were used to decorate the Christmas tree. The factory ceased its activity in 1969 and it is in 1992 that the Centre International d’Art Verrier (CIAV) was created. This establishment continues to keep traditional glass production alive, in particular by perpetuating the tradition of the Christmas bauble by creating a new line each year designed by invited designers.

With a completely reconfigured itinerary, the Meisenthal glass site invites you to relive the history of this emblematic site through three permanent exhibition rooms and a temporary one. You can also immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the CIAV workshop where the glassblowers describe their work. On the site, the Halle Verrière, a place of creation and multidisciplinary cultural diffusion, hosts concerts and shows. To discover the Meisenthal glass site as a group, guided tours are available for groups of at least 15 people.

To contact the Meisenthal glass site

To contact the crystal museum La Grande Place

La Grande Place, Crystal Museum, Saint-Louis

In the Northern Vosges Regional Park, the Saint-Louis Crystal Museum retraces the history and know-how of the oldest crystal factory in France, dating back to 1586. Taken over by the Hermès group in 1994, the museum was founded to give back visibility to the Saint-Louis crystal factory. Its name “La Grande Place” pays tribute to the team of glassmakers for their prestigious and meticulous work

Discover the historical tour of the site organized around the central well decorated with majestic lights. After discovering the 2,000 creations on display, a guided tour of the factory is also possible. Overlooking the ballet of the glassmakers, you will be able to observe the know-how of La Grande Place in the shaping of the molten crystal and in the meticulous decoration. At the end of the tour, you can also visit the site’s boutique.


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